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Department of Chemistry
Wei Lung, Tseng
  1.Capillary and microchip electrophoresis
  2.ComplexesSynthesis and application of nanoparticles

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

 Shiao-Wei, Kuo
  1. Introduction to Polymer Materials
  2. Soft Materials
  3. Polymer Spectroscopy
  4. Physical Chemistry
  5. Polymer Nanomaterials
Liuwen, Chang   1. Metallic Materials
  2. Phase Transformations
  3. Coating Technology
  4. Materials Characterization

Department of Physics

Ting-Chang, Chang   1. ULSI Technology
  2. Semiconductor Device Physics
Hsiung, Chou   1. Superconductivity
  2. Nanostructure Physics

Department of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering

Cheng-Tang, Pan   1. Nano-Imprint
  2. Micro-optical-electro-mechanical system, MOEMS